The Fast Track To Building Muscle

The simple training and eating solution that will consistently allow you to pack on pounds of new muscle each week without having to guzzle down protein shakes all day or spend hours in the gym.

From this eBook you will learn:

  • My plant based nutrition hack for boosting energy and strength
  • The exact training to turn your body into a fat burning machine
  • The mindset you need to breakthrough challenges and finally succeed
  • How to train for size and power (and avoid hitting the dreaded plateau)
  • Sample meal plan templates you can use for your own results and more


How Much To Eat

How to eat to build muscle so you can consistently pack on pounds of new muscle every single week

How To Train 

How to train to stimulate new muscle growth so you can maximize your nutrition and results 

Flexi Nutrition 

How to use this handy free app to ensure your daily nutrition goals are being met quickly and easily

Keys to Fat Loss

How to avoid the #1 mistake most people make when losing fat and how to fast track your own results


Why a wholefood approach to nutrition is so important for building a healthy and strong body

The Exact Exercises

The most important muscle building exercises and how to incorporate them into your program


How to understand protein, carbs and fats from a plant based angle so you can feel confident with your diet

Afterburn Cardio

How to boost your metabolism and skyrocket fat loss with my afterburn approach to cardio

What Foods To Eat

How to lay the foundation for results by eating the foods best suited to muscle growth

How Much Training

How much training for maximum results without spending countless hours in the gym

How Often To Eat

How to avoid the trap most men fall into when it comes to building muscle by eating too often

How Often To Train

How often you should train to stimulate new muscle growth without hitting overtraining burn out

Cheat Meals

How to fit some junk in your diet without sacrificing your muscle gain and fat loss results

Boost Recovery

How to speed recovery and aid repair with these proven simple steps you can implement at home


How to save thousands on useless supplements and which ones you need to take, if any

Training Program

Get the structured program you need to build muscle including a sneak peak into my own training setup

How To Transition

How to transition to a plant based diet easily and effortlessly without giving up your favourite foods

Mindset Mastery

How to setup your mindset for success and avoid the pitfalls most fall into when starting a new program

Grocery Shopping List

The simple grocery shopping list so you can save time and money on your next trip to the store

Track Your Results

How to track your results at home so you know how much muscle you're building every single week

And so much more included in this 60-page eBook designed to help you build muscle and get ripped so you can feel strong, fit and most importantly, confident and powerful.


Nick has helped me a lot with achieving my goals. It’s been great! I’ve seen massive improvements and he has given me programs which I can work with easily. He lets me know why I’m doing things as well and this is an important part for me. Great trainer thanks a lot, Nick!

Sean O'Connell
Wade Todd

Nick is the best trainer I have ever worked with! Before I started with Nick I was overweight, always tired, I had no energy and I wasn’t very happy with how I looked. While working with Nick, my results have been very impressive! I didn’t think I would be 12 kilos lighter in only 12 weeks and I have so much more energy and a lot more strength which I didn’t even know I had! I also have a lot more confidence in how I look now. My results were to drop weight and to gain muscle, and to be a lot fitter to be able to wear clothes better. Nick has motivated, helped and guided me along the way, and I can’t thank him enough for what he has done. I’m very impressed with the results that I have so far!

Nick Ritchie is an expert not only in the field of fitness coaching but in life and all aspects of being happy. It is not good getting into shape if you're not in shape on the inside too. I am happier now with my body and life than when I was 20! The results I have created in such a short time of working with Nick are outstanding! I have lost weight and it keeps coming off!

Lee Dhep

Mathew Mania

Nick is a fantastic trainer, life coach and motivator. He has extensive knowledge of diets and exercise plans and I have seen him take clients struggling with their goals and quickly get them back on track in a fun and educational way. Nick helps me a lot with advice and training and I always learn something new from him.

Nick is a motivator, encourager and an all round top bloke! Contact Nick today and get results!

Sam Whitwell
Gracce Stewart

Before I met Nick I had no confidence in what I wore or myself. After having a baby I had tried every possible weight loss program to lose the baby fat and nothing seemed to be working. Nick taught me how go about losing weight. He pushed me giving me great results, the kind of results I had been looking for. I’m now 55 kg instead of 75 and loving being fit. I now feel confident and so happy in the person I’ve become. He’s taught me so much and given me a better attitude to healthy eating and exercise and now I weigh less than I did before I even had my daughter! Thanks to Nick’s help I feel great about myself and now have a much better outlook on life. So thanks so much Nick for all you help – it’s meant a lot and I thoroughly enjoyed working with you to create a whole new me!

Nick has been training me for a while now. The results have been great. What has been important for me has been his ability to assess my “issues” and implement a program which has allowed me to get into it and move positively forward and not have setbacks by over doing it initially. He is knowledgeable, not in your face about changing your lifestyle, allowed me to come to that naturally and the satisfaction has tops. I can see options that I would not have considered possible earlier this year.

Ed Langston


Nick Ritchie

Over the years this plant based fitness model has gained over 20kg of muscle and lost kilos of body-fat

Sean O'Connell

Sean added kilos of rock hard muscle to his frame and created a new ripped athletic physique

Wade Todd

Wade dropped over 12 kilos of fat and completely transformed his health and energy levels

Gracce Stewart

Gracce dropped over 20kg of baby weight and got in better shape than before she had her pregnancy

Odette Rose

Odette built muscle and dropped fat at the same time to completely transform her physique

Jude Hill

Jude believes age is just a number and showed us how to lose pounds of fat and reverse the clock


Plant Based Fitness Model with nick ritchie

Nick's purpose in life is inspiring others to empower themselves and live an authentic life full of freedom, fun and adventure. He just happens to specialise in helping you build muscle and get ripped on a plant based diet.

Nick is uniquely qualified to help you achieve results after transforming from a meat eating Personal Trainer who felt tired and bloated all day into a strong and energized coach where he's appeared in magazine, newspaper and radio for his extensive experience of over 10 years in the fitness industry.

Nick has achieved high levels of success in many areas of life from creating and selling his own plant-based gym, mentoring the next generation of personal trainers, and placing in a physique competition one year from joining his first gym, but no matter what level of success he attained, he wasn't happy and fulfilled in his life until he broke free of the conditioning and beliefs that held him back from living a fully authentic life that was aligned with his highest values. This is why Nick also provides life coaching and holds qualifications in both NLP and Hypnosis alongside his Personal Training certifications. He believes living an authentic life is the key to long-term happiness and coaches clients on how to gain more freedom and less stress in their lives while getting healthier and fitter.

Nick's vision is a world where people have realised they don't need to eat animal products to be strong and healthy, and instead, they choose to be "plant em-powered" where they are "stronger on spuds". If this resonates with you, join us and become one of the "plant em-powered"!

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